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Show the TO-DO list from your Freemind in conky

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Introduction (if you look for instructions, skip this part)

I tried a lot of software (offline and online) to help me with my tasks. I tried using specialized software, I tried different built-in things (like Firefox\Thunderbird plugins), I tried Rememberthemilk and similar services on the Web, but the same problem remained – the information was too far from my eyes. It was either not noticeable, or stayed on my screen for not enough time, or I had to remember myself to view my to-do list.

Then conky came into my sight. I see it everyday, it stays on my desktop all the time, and I got an idea – why not show the to-do list in it? The idea isn’t new, one can say, but there is another problem – I’m too lazy to keep updated one more file for this list. But wait, I regularly work with Freemind, and it is fairly easy to create another branch directly for to-do management. Thus, I wrote this script that eased my life and may someday ease another one’s. Read more…

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