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Writing Tetris in Clojure

September 10, 2011 6 comments

Good evening to everyone. Today I want to guide you step-by-step through the process of writing a game of Tetris in Clojure. My goal was not to write the shortest version possible but the concisest one and the one that would use idiomatic Clojure techniques (like relying on the sequence processing functions and making a clear distinction between purely functional and side-effect code). The result I got is about 300 lines of code in size but it is very comprehensible and simple. If you are interested then fire up your editor_of_choice and let’s get our hands dirty.
The whole code is available here.
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Coffee Time with Java – Part 1.5 – Sockets in Clojure

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

It is almost a year now since I wrote the first part of meant-to-be series of topics concerning Java. I understood that there is no need to write the same stuff over and over again while there is plenty of it on the Net. But this time I’ve got an idea to rewrite that primitive server-client demonstration into Clojure and see how it will look like. Read more…

The Modern Programming Craftsmanship

October 29, 2010 2 comments

To make a start on the topic indirectly, I will state that one can view any kind of activity from different sides as different processes. Actually, there are different sides in any activity, but usually these sides are defined by people themselves. Chess, for example, were said to be an art by Wilhelm Steinitz, Emanuel Lasker considered them to be sport, Chigorin thought about chess as about science. But chess didn’t change because of these points of view, it’s the player who chooses the point for his own game of chess.
Today we see that the software engineering transformed from being a magic thing into the kind of craftsmanship. Programming is no more considered a fun delightful action but a slow tedious process of typing in tons of code, testing, debugging and repeating the cycle again. How did it happen? The whole IT sphere was from the beginning some kind of wizardry. A small amount of people made the large lifeless machines work and perform complex operations that were impossible to do for a human. But time has passed and wizards are now replaced with lots of commoners with minimal (usually insufficient) knowledge about the profession itself. This fact is much more mysterious and astounding to be left unquestioned. Read more…

Coffee time with Java – Part 1 – Sockets

January 14, 2010 1 comment

Good evening.
For the first topic of my blog (or, to be more accurate, group of topics) I’ve chosen Java, since I use it a lot lately due to my university education. The following guide is written rather for Java newcomers, and it doesn’t bring anything new into existing guides, manuals and other information around the Web, though it is pretty clear and straightforward, and concerns different issues in Java such as sockets, threading, designing GUI and possibly J2ME platform. So, if you are ready, turn on your Eclipse, or NetBeans, or whatever you use and we will begin. Read more…

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